What is Fiery Ferret?

Fiery Ferret is a software development company that uses the latest application development tools to deliver high quality software products and services geared towards both small business users and big business enterprises. We've lent our services to modest business startups and exotic well established clients alike. Whatever your needs are, we will tailor our solutions to fit your specifications. We can say that because we make you a fundamental part of any project. From brainstorming and planning to testing and release, we keep our clients informed and involved in the development cycle. In this way, you get your software, not some bizarre rendition of what some contractor thought you asked for.

Below is a list of services we render regularly. Even if what you need is not listed below, we've probably done it so
contact us and we'll work with you one on one.

Enterprise Level Desktop Software

This is where Fiery Ferret shines. Leveraging the best tools in the industry and over 4 years of experience, Fiery Ferret has worked with many clients in delivering enterprise class desktop software. Projects have ranged from tracking clients at a gym and spa to networked, interactive space ship simulator controls.

Contact us to discuss your desktop needs.