Lumen Support

I have paid, but I don't have my license.
Your license is automatically sent to you through email after you have finished paying. Please check you junk mail folder for an email from "" If you still cannot find your license, send an email to to have us send it to you again.

Why can't I see the puzzles I have submitted on another computer?
When you submit a puzzle, the puzzle is cached on your computer so you can see it immediately. Your puzzle will not show up online (and on other computers) until Fiery Ferret has reviewed and approved your puzzle.

I have trouble distinguishing between the colors in the game.
For those of us who can not easily see what color a part is, you can see the color of each part written out in text. To do this, select "Show Color Hints" from the Help menu.

How do I uninstall Lumen?
To uninstall Lumen, delete You may also want to remove the support files. On OS X these files are located at /Users/Username/Library/Application Support/Lumen/.